Current Position of Mr & Mrs Client

  • Mr and Mrs Client bot work full time on a combined income of $200,000pa
  • They have 2 children who attended private school are now non-dependant
  • Clients own there own home but have a mortgage of $450,000
  • Clients are 52 and 50 years old and spend on average $70,000pa on living expenses
  • Clients have almost $300,000 combined super balances and various insurances

What do the Clients want?

  • They would like to take an overseas trip each year if possible
  • Enjoy their lifestyle now the kids are non-dependant
  • Be able to retire on an income of $70,000 in retirement
  • They would like to pay of their mortgage by retirement</li?
  • Clients would like to be completely self-funded in retirement
  • Clients would like pay less for insurances


  • We have reviewed the appropriateness their insurances and have been able to adjust the cover to suite their current circumstances saving $$$
  • We have looked at their current debt and been able to negotiate with their current lender to reduce the interest rate on borrowings and the same time increase the level of repayments such that the debt will be eliminated well prior to retirement saving $$$ in interest
  • We have reviewed their current superannuation arrangements and recommended that both clients are able to establish a salary sacrifice arrangement and have total contributions of $25,000 each paid in to their accounts saving $$$ in tax
  • In addition to increasing contributions, we have reviewed the asset allocation of the clients superannuation and made appropriate changes to this based on their risk profile and desired goals
  • Update the Will and establish a POA as this has not been reviewed since the children were young (Referred to Estate Planning Lawyer)


  • Reviewing the insurance covers has saved the clients thousands of dollars in premiums whilst at the same time maintained the appropriateness of the cover.
  • The large expense of children’s education has now stopped freeing up capital to put towards other things. Establishing a salary sacrifice arrangements for both Mr & Mrs Client has allowed them to contribute the maximum into super from now until their retirement saving thousands of dollars in tax and increasing their superannuation savings significantly
  • Making adjustments to their asset allocation providing clients the best opportunities to enhance their returns over time with the level of risk clients are comfortable with
  • Paying a lower interest rate and making additional payments have saved thousands of dollars in interest and paid of the loan years earlier than originally expected

  • Able to incorporate and overseas trip each year with the savings
  • Live now on a comfortable income of $70,000pa
  • Reach retirement with no debt, sufficient savings in superannuation to provide a $70,000 income per annum with extra for those overseas trips with no reliance on Centrelink
  • Put their mind at ease with a properly executed Will and POA
  • Main outcome reduced stress, clearly defined goals, an easy to understand and follow plan to achieve it, enjoyment of life both now and in the future. A big Win Win

This case study is specific to these clients. Everyone’s situation is different and calls for their own advice specific to their situation. This is not to be relied upon for advice in relation your situation.

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