Because what you want will be unique to you, the financial advice we give will be designed for you and what Financial Freedom means to you.

We may make recommendations about your day-to-day money management or suggest saving and investing strategies. We can also take actions on your behalf if that’s how you want to move ahead.

Our seven-step process to get you to Financial Freedom

You’ll always have control and decide whether to stop, change or continue any of the recommendations we make. Our advice process involves seven key steps:

Step 1 An initial meeting will help you find out about us and help us get to know you.
Step 2 We’ll ask you some questions so we can understand who you are and what Financial Freedom looks like for you.
Step 3 We’ll help you clarify the most important aspects of your idea of Financial Freedom.
Step 4 We’ll evaluate your financial situation and then formulate your Plan for Freedom or Statement of Advice.
Step 5 We’ll discuss our recommendations with you and listen to what you think.
Step 6 Once finalised, your Plan for Freedom can be put into action. We can start executing the agreed actions or help you make any changes you want to make.
Step 7 If you wish we can periodically review your progress, achievements and your ongoing needs, to help you meet your idea of Financial Freedom.


Speak with us today and make a time to start heading towards your idea of Financial Freedom.